"Betrayed By Our Fire Gods" (Draft Edition)...Chapter Release Dates

Chapter 01 - Our Fire Gods Have Feet Of Clay...10/1/20

Chapter 02 - Predicate Theory
of Connecting the Dots ...11/01/2020

Chapter 03 - My Foundation and Cornerstones...12/01/20

Chapter 04 - Walnut Creek Ranger District...January 1, 2021

Chapter 05 - Long Valley Ranger District, CNF...February 1, 2021

Chapter 06 - Happy Jack IHC, 1975-1977...March 1, 2021

Chapter 07 - BLM Fire #1071 Disaster...April 1, 2021

Chapter 08 - Happy Jack IHC, 1978-1980...May 1, 2021

Chapter 09 - Tesuque Ranger District, SNF...June 1, 2021

Chapter 10 - Santa Fe IHC, 1981-1984...July 1, 2021

Chapter 11 - Santa Fe National Forest...August 1, 2021

Chapter 12 - Battlement Creek Fire Staff Ride...September 1 2021

Chapter 13 - The Loop Fire of 1966...October 1, 2021

Chapter 14 - The South Canyon Fire of 1994...November 1, 2021

Chapter 15 - The Yarnell Hill Fire of 2013...December 1, 2021
"Betrayed by Our Fire Gods" - First Edition
Release Date - 2022
"Betrayed by Our Fire Gods"
Chapter Of The Month Club
Question; A Chapter of the Month Club? That sounds very exciting...how do I join?

Answer; Thank you for your interest...but there really isn't any club to join. You just come to
this web page whenever you want to and download a copy of the latest chapter of my book
for free.

Question; For free? Why? Aren't things worth what we pay for them and if we pay nothing
for your book, well...

Answer; My goal here isn't to make money. My goal is to have as many wildland firefighters
as possible read my advice, stories, wisdom, theories, and ideas. Because you know...I am
like President Trump in two aspects, I am really, really smart and I am a Very Stable Genius.

Question; Wildland firefighters? I thought this was all about hotshots?

Answer; The theme of my website is all about hotshots because that's all I ever was on the
fire line or wanted to be, but my advice, stories, wisdom, theories, and ideas are applicable
to every wildland firefighter...not just hotshots. So...

Question; I noticed the chapters that you are going to make available as a free download are
designated as a "Draft Edition." Why is that?

Answer; I don't want the perfect FIRE book to be the enemy of a pretty good FIRE book and
I don't want the world to wait to have full access to everything I think about you
know...fightin' FIRE, so I am going to make each chapter available as I work through it.

Question; So then...what's up with the "First Edition? When is that going to be made
available and are you going to charge money for it

Answer; Well...I have found that no matter how many times I edit something, I always find
something to correct or add the next time I edit it. And...I'm just too damn cheap to hire a
professional book editor and so I am going to first write the "Draft Edition", which we could
also call the "Good Enough Edition." And then I'm going to take as much time as I need to
do a final edit in order to produce the "First Edition." But then I will probably do another
edit at some point and produce the "Second Edition" and so on and so forth. I think we can
pretty much assume this is going to be a living document that will never be completely
done. For one thing...I remain on high alert for the next hotshot crew burn over.

And no...I'm not going to charge for the "First Edition" or for any edition after that until a
movie studio buys the rights to my book and then I'm going to retire for a second time and
start writing a book about my second career. Because damn...I've got some good stories to

But...I am still arrogant enough to believe that if young wildland firefighters will read my
tome, it could actually save some lives. I'm not right about everything, but I'm right about
many things. And one thing that I am right about is that the fire shelter training of the
GMIHC was a significant primary factor in their unnecessary deaths and the powers-that-be
have not acknowledged that yet, nor have they corrected course except to double down on
the same deeply flawed training they have always pedaled. Yes...Eric Marsh was responsible
for the death of the GMIHC...but he had a lot of help. "How Big Is Big Enough? S

Question; WOW...you are really, really smart just like President Trump! The Stable Genius
part, well...the jury is still out on that one.

Answer; I'm sorry...is there a question there...somewhere?

Question; Yes...I'm sorry, I got distracted. Aren't you afraid your "First Edition" is going to
be too big of a digital file to download because of all of the photographs you are putting in

Answer; Yes...I am a little concerned about that, but we will have to see when the time
comes because it is going to be a massive file, which is another reason I am initially doing it
chapter by chapter. Oh...and one more thing.

Question; Yes?

Answer; I originally wanted to load my entire book onto my website and host it there. But
the web site builder program I use does not allow for that and so I had to go with Plan B,
which is to find a digital download service to host it and then it can be downloaded from
their servers. Now...they are going to ask for your email address just because that's the way
they do it. I don't want your email address, but they need it. So...

Plus...I am having some real problems figuring out how to format my book. For one thing,
I'm trying to put so many photos in it, it's going to end up looking like a comic book. But
you don't want excuses do you? You just want to see a finished product...am I right?
Excuses are like assholes...everybody's got one and we don't want to either see them or
hear about them...am I right?
Please Note: This is a screen shot and not a
video...so don't click on the play button. Well...I
guess you can click on it all you want, but it still
won't play because you know...it's a screen shot.