Does This Look Okay To You...You Stupid REMF?
Or does it look to you like you should provide cheap, easy to use, and 100% passive respirators to wild land
firefighters? And require that those respirators be worn whenever possible and it is always possible to wear them
during mop up operations because firefighters can maintain a steady and rhythmic breathing rate, I know because I  
successfully wore one for seven years as a hotshot. have to provide them to WLF and then make them required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) because
otherwise fire fighters won't wear them because it is such a macho curious and confused culture, they wouldn't
even wear hard hats if they weren't required PPE.   

You need to start doing MORE to protect the lungs and throats of wild land firefighters you stupid REMF mother
fuckers! Wait...never mind on that request. You need to start first by doing SOMETHING to protect the lungs and
throats of wild land firefighters, you stupid REMF