Official Public Notice: This website will go live on October 1, 2020. Please attend my grand opening for virtual

cookies, punch and free animal balloons for the kids.

Please be advised that I am on track to publish the first chapter of my highly anticipated and long awaited tome,

which will be without a doubt the greatest book ever written about wildland firefighters in general and hotshots

in particular on October 1, 2020.

And don't let my old book cover below deceive you, it is just a placeholder that my son made for me several

years ago. I am currently working with an artist to develop a new book cover because thanks to some serious

mission creep, my book will now be about all four fires that killed hotshots by being burned to death during

crew burn overs in the history of hotshot crews. The photo below is of one of the fire tornadoes that were

present on the Battlement Creek Fire Disaster, but that really doesn't come through in the photo.

Those are the Loop Fire Disaster of 1966, the Battlement Creek Fire Disaster of 1976, the South Canyon Fire

Disaster of 1994 and our greatest loss in history because it was so shocking that it rocked us to the very core

of our world and made us question everything we thought we had learned while engaged in organized wildland

firefighting for more than 100 years, the
Yarnell Hill Fire Disaster of 2013. We will never recover from the loss of

the Granite Mountain Interagency Hotshot Crew and I don't even want to because I think we should keep the

memory of that catastrophic incident fresh in our minds...
always and forever.

And I will publish a new chapter every month after that through my chapter-of-the-month club, which will be free

to join since there really isn't even a club. And you will be able to find that page under the "Betrayed by Our Fire

Gods" tab, which will be on the navigation bar above once this website is published.

I have already invested many dozens of hours getting this website to where it is at now, but I think I will need at

least a couple of hundred more to get it to where I want it to be to start. And in fact, this magnificent website will

probably never even be finished so please check back periodically to see what has been added. My goal is to

show anyone who is interested what it is like to be a hotshot (What's a hotshot?) primarily through my relatively

extensive collection of photographs.

And just FYI...I have to mentally flog myself to force me to work on my book, but I truly enjoy working on my

website except the hours fly by too quickly. So...