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means to be a hotshot, and to work on what is
known an Interagency Hotshot Crew (IHC).  

For several decades, these crews where known
as Interregional Hotshot Crews, and the
United States Forest Service (USFS) was the
only agency that employed such crews.  

The original typewritten letter was sent to all
returning Hotshots, and all of those who
applied to be Hotshots, for the USFS,
Coconino National Forest - Region 3, in 1976,
and only that year.

It was written by Bill Buck, Fire Control
Officer, Coconino National Forest, although
Bill's ever-present assistant, Steve Servis,
probably contributed to it. Even though
Wildland Firefighting history has recorded the
author as "Unknown."

And after I received it, I was almost too afraid
to show up for work, even though it was my
second year on a Coconino N.F. Hotshot
Crew, but I needed the job. Then I got my
second wind and I spent another 9 years on a
hotshot crew, 7 years as a hotshot crew boss.